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As Independent Financial Advisers in East Sussex for many years, serving clients in Kent and the South East. WSW Financial Services Ltd provides impartial, unbiased and expert financial advice in Kent, and beyond, to ensure you make the best financial decisions whatever your circumstances.

Why use an IFA? Why do you need Financial Advice in Kent? Good questions. By using WSW Financial Services Ltd, as your IFA in Kent, you will allow us to help you best manage your wealth and build a better financial future.  We will provide you with a personal, tailored and affordable service only a local IFA in Kent can provide.

WSW Financial Services Ltd provides bespoke and affordable Independent Advice not only in Kent but throughout the South East. Each of our services is designed to help improve your wealth and financial security.

With a rich and experienced history as IFAs in Kent, WSW Financial Services Ltd are on hand to help you make the right choices from the whole market.

Whether you are looking for an IFA in Kent for Investment or Pensions we will be with you every step of the way.

WSW Financial Services Ltd provides services to individuals and businesses in Kent.  As IFAs in Kent our aim is to provide a personal, bespoke and comprehensive solution to your financial needs.

We are corporate chartered firm and are directly regulated. Therefore, we can compare the best possible offerings from the entire market. We are not tied to a small network like many other IFA’s in the region.

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