Pensions and Retirement

A key part of retirement planning is exactly that – planning. To achieve your goals it is important to know:

  • What you can afford to save towards your retirement
  • What income you hope to achieve when you reach retirement
  • Whether you are on track to achieve your desired income at retirement.

Along the way, however, circumstances change and you and your adviser need to respond to these changes, which is why we are here to help.

Many people paying into a pension do not realise the value of taking financial advice. Some simply do not think they can afford advice, or need it. In reality, we have found that by exploring all of the options, many clients can substantially increase their retirement income as a result of good advice.

WSW Financial Services Ltd offer an unbiased and professional assessment of your circumstances to ensure you receive the best possible pension, or annuity quote – making your retirement as comfortable as possible.

Income Drawdown vs Annuity

Deciding which path you should take at retirement can seem like a challenging decision. Income Drawdown and Annuity are the most common options, but both have their own pro’s and con’s.

No one has the same situation, we are all different. Take a look at the differences between these most popular retirement options. Read Article

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Pension Release

Pension Release or ‘pension unlocking’ is the term used for taking the benefits from your pension before you retire. It is possible to draw up to the maximum 25% tax free cash and/or maximum income from age 55 onwards.


An annuity is a regular income for life provided by an insurance company. It can be bought with your pension fund or any lump sum. The bigger the pension pot, the bigger the income will be. Our annuities, tailored for you.


A Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is a type of personal pension plan. It works in the same way for contributions, tax relief and eligibility. However the main difference is that the SIPP has a more flexible approach to investments.

Pension Transfers

A pension transfer involves moving your funds from one pension provider to another. Our Pension Transfer team can search the whole market for the best performing pension which avoids the high charges and poor performance of your current pension.

Third Way

Third Way products provide a selected but fixed income for a specified period while guaranteeing the value of the residual fund at the end of the selected term.  This effectively eliminates the investment risk normally associated with this type of plan.

Pension Review

Our review service will help you on your way to achieving the income and lifestyle you desire at retirement. You have made a positive start by having a pension BUT improper management of your pension could still leave you wanting more.

WSW Wealth Management are specialists in the ‘at retirement’ market and our experience in Income Drawdown and Annuities has allowed us to work with you to establish exactly which way you should receive benefits from your pension.

Our financial advice is bespoke to you and is specifically tailored to your circumstances