Business Insurance

Insurance for you Business can be a difficult and time-consuming process. For the best Business Insurance quotes, please contact us. WSW Financial Services can provide the best quotes from a number of providers.

Who can we help with Business Insurance?

Business Insurance is suitable for a wide range of commercial establishments, from Hotels to Tradesman. Enquire now to find out if we can quote your business for insurance

Who do I need to provide employers’ liability for?

As an employer, it is a general requirement for you to provider insurance for any member of your company who is paid to work for you and/or anyone who can’t employ a replacement if they are unable to work

How is my business insurance premium calculated?

There are many factors which will affect the premium you are offered. For example, the industry you are involved, the number of staff you have, how experienced your business and if you have had claims in the past.

What are endorsements?

Endorsements are amendments to your policy which the insurer may need to make during the life of your policy. They may include new conditions which you need to comply with and could also mention a resulting increase or decrease in to total insurance covered.

Can I cover my tools, business equipment and stock?

Any item in your company that is needed for you to carry out your business’ day-to-day task can be covered under a Business Insurance policy.

However, to comply to the terms of the insurance you must keep all your business receipts and be able to prove you company have legal ownership of the property.

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Business Protection Insurance

Protect your business

Business Protection Insurance clearly provides an all important safety net for all types of businesses.

It is all too common for businesses to view Business Protection Insurance as an optional extra.

It would be a far safer way of trading to consider Business Protection Insurance as part of the business plan from the first day of trading. Businesses all over the UK cease trading for all sorts of reasons, many of which could have been prevented had they had some form of Business Protection Insurance in place.

Key Man / Key Person Insurance

Key Person Protection (formerly Key Man Protection/Insurance) allows your business to protect itself against the financial loss it may suffer from losing a ‘key’ employee due to death, critical illness or disability.

Key persons are those within a business who are vital to the business’s profitability and continued financial success. There may be more than one key person within your business.

Keyman insurance is a complex field of protection and quality advice should be sought from the outset.

Partner and Shareholder Protection

Partnership and Shareholder Protection allows a business to help insure itself against the financial loss it may suffer from losing a partner due to death, serious illness or permanent disablement

A partnership in England and Wales does not have its own legal identity, meaning individual partners may be personally responsible for their business’s risks.

Losing one partner due to death or serious illness could result in other partners losing both their share in the business assets and part or all of their private assets as well.

Business Loan Protection

The loss of a person who has guaranteed a loan could be a very serious event for a business. It may be an overdraft, a commercial mortgage or a private loan that is affected.

Business Loan Protection provides for a sum of money equal to the outstanding loan to be paid, either to the Company or directly to the lender.

Business Loan Protection will ensure the business loan can be repaid in full upon death or diagnosis of a specified critical illness (where that option is selected) of the life insured.


Group Protection

Group Income Protection insurance helps employers to safeguard the well-being of their staff by providing a replacement income for their employees during long-term absence from work through illness or injury.

The Confederation of British Industry has estimated that sickness absence costs UK business £13.4 billion each year. (CBI, 2006)

Long-term illness and injury can be a challenge for employers in many ways:

  • Employees on sick leave have to be paid. Statutory Sick Pay must be paid for 28 weeks but many employers feel obliged to extend this period.
  • Other staff may have to cover for sick colleagues resulting in production problems, overtime payments and an impact to employee morale.
  • New staff must be trained to provide a replacement either temporarily or permanently.
  • The Disability Discrimination Act, requires all employers to make adjustments to the work environment to allow a disabled employee to come back to work.

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